Beer Pong at Hayters

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SATURDAY, MARCH 5 – 12noon at Hayter’s & Co.

1920 Blake St., Denver, CO  80202

For the first preliminary event of the 2016 Beer Olympic season, the DBO presents, Beer Pong at Hayter’s!  A 2-person Beer Pong prelim that starts with round-robin pool play to seed the overall tournament.  Several games are guaranteed, playing beer is included, and there are prizes for the winners!

New this year, the prelim events are connected to the actual Denver Beer Olympics, held on August 6.  Players can earn points by participating in DBO prelims that earn them early registration for DBO.  Click to learn more – Prelim Points    Also, how you do in the prelims will go into consideration for DBO games seeding.  

Congratulations “DBO4LIFE” for winning the Beer Pong @ Hayter’s prelim!