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Beersbee Event
Team Name Points Earned Notes
Chuggers From Another Mother
Leigh Hallauer & Justin Keith
Party Animals
Caitlin Oliver & Theodore Jamison
94.000 Lost in Championship
Bud Light
Rebecca Butier & Mathew Mcgraw
88.000 Won 3rd Place Game
The Abingers
Lindsey Hillegass & Caleb Newberry
82.000 Lost in 3rd-place Game
Jennifer Montgomery & Michael Hale
75.000 OUT in 2nd Round
The End is Beer
Kenda McLennan & Richard Hoover
72.714 OUT in 2nd Round
Eskimo Brothers & Pogo Sisters
Emily St Onge & Anthony Doty
65.857 OUT in 2nd Round
Revenge of the Finger Blasters
Jessica Elliott & Kevin Serdy
65.857 OUT in 2nd Round
Mikes Hard On
Miranda Lowe & Jono Stevens
51.000 OUT in First Round
The Walking Drunk
Leanna Bigelow & Steven DiCamillo
51.000 OUT in First Round
Pour Decisions
Amanda Kelly & Dustin Whitmore
47.222 OUT in First Round
Katie Mullens
Adrien Holley & Jamie O'Reilly
43.444 OUT in First Round
Beer Thirty
Sarah Boice & Katanio Rendon
43.444 OUT in First Round
Under The Influence
Wendy Wallace & Brian Huebsch
35.889 OUT in First Round
Hoppy Endings
Laura Olcott & Jason James
28.333 OUT in First Round
Lambda & Omega Booze
Nichole Desrochers & Robert Ellison
0.000 OUT in First Round
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